A young lady went to a lo …


A young lady went to a local psychic.
“Who would you like to contact, my dear?” The psychic asked.
“My mother,” she replied.
“Wait there, I think I’m getting something. Yes, yes, she’s here – your mother’s spirit is here.”
“Yes, it’s your mother, she’s here.”
“Mother, is it really you?”
“Your mother says, ‘Don’t worry dear,’ that she loves you and she wants you to get on with your life.”
“Oh good,” replied the young lady. “Can she hear me?”
“Yes, my child, your mother’s spirit can hear you.”
“Okay, Mum, just to let you know I have no change for a phone call, and I need you to know I won’t be back for dinner as I’m staying over at Eric’s, so see you some time tomorrow, love you.”

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