A guy walks into a crowde …

A guy walks into a crowded bar with a little spider on his shoulder. Everyone else laughs, but he says “This spider is stronger than any of you!”
One bloke says “Prove it!”
“Right; my spider will pick up this bar stool.” He puts the spider on the floor and the spider picks it up. Everyone is amazed, but then he says “Now the spider will pick up a table.” And the spider easily picks up the table. Everyone applauds, and the guy says “That’s nothing – this tiny spider will lift up the whole bar!” With a great effort, it picks up the bar.
“What else can it do?” one of the blokes asks. So the man says “For the grand finale – it will pick up the bar with every one of us on it!” Everyone starts to get onto the bar untill everyone in there is standing on it.
The spider starts walking towards the bar with an air of determination. Then, a man walks into the bar, sees the spider on the floor walking towards the bar, and steps on it, saying “You bunch of wimps, scared of a little spider.”

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