3 guys in Texas own an oi …


3 guys in Texas own an oil well that catches fire. They call Red Adair, the famous oil well fire fighter, and ask for his help. He quotes them a price of half a million dollars, and says he can’t be there till 3 weeks later.
This seems a bit much, so, consulting the Yellow Pages, they call Pedro Lopez’s oil well fire fighting service.
Pedro says, “Si, senor, I will charge you five hundred dollar, and I will be there tomorrow morning”.
So, next morning, the 3 Texans are standing on a hill, watching their oil well burn, when all of a sudden this pickup truck full of Mexicans comes roaring up and over the hill, right down into the middle of the fire. All the Mexicans jump out and start dancing around, stomping out the flames.
Sure enough, in a few minutes the fire is out. Pedro comes walking up to the Texans, wiping the sweat off his brow. One of the Texans says, “Pedro, man that was great. Here is your $500.00 and here is an extra $500.00 for doing such a great job. So, what are you going to do with all this money”?
Pedro replies, “Well, first thing is, I gonna get new brakes for the pickup truck.”

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