One of the really hot gir …


One of the really hot girls in the office approaches me while I’m getting a coffee and the conversation goes like this:
Her: “Macca, bit of a random question for you.”
Me: “Go on…”
Her: “I want to go on holiday in October.”
Me: “Right…”
Her: “Whereabouts is it still hot in October, coz I want to be in a bikini!”
Me: “Right, well you want to try somewhere like Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, South America, The Southern States of America… In fact, pretty much anywhere that isn’t here.”
Her: “What about France?”
Me: “That’s pretty much here. Give or take a few hundred miles. I wouldn’t bother. Do you know what the equator is?”
Her: “Yeah, that’s that thing around the world isn’t it?”
Me: “Yeah… Something like that… Well put your finger anywhere along there and chances are it’ll still be hot in october.”
Her: “What if my finger lands in the sea?”
Me: “Pick it up and start again.”
Her: “Thanks Macca!”

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